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January 2011


Wency Rosales, CCLA Ambassador in Holguin, Cuba


Readings in January 2011

Yannier (left) & Wency Rosales (speaking)

Yannier (left) &  Wency Rosales

Vilche & Lisandra

Sandra, Pablo & Wency

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December 28th 2010    Holguin Cuba
Reported by Wency Rosales

Lalita Curbelo

A cold morning, a group of friends gathered at the Luz Caballero cemetery entrance, in small groups because they didn’t know each other, but were there for the same reason, a fair homage to a dear poet, Lalita Curbelo, a 'all together walk' to her tomb, the chilling breeze helped the sacred moment, in a due silence all listened to her taped voice, then words and poems by her friends.

Proud to be there,
CCLA members did their homage,
Richard Grove (Tai),
Manuel and Adonay, their son Pablo,
Mirian  and Wency,
all brought flowers for this woman that lives
in the heart of so many persons.

Wency Rosales - reading his poem 'The Sacred Silence of the Dead'

Wency Rosales read his poem,
 'The Sacred Silence of the Dead',
recently published in a poetry anthology,
'The Sacred Silence of the Valley',
by Hidden Brook Press.
Then the soft melody of a guitar
and the thank words put an end
to this unforgettable morning.

Later on, they all gathered at the house
where Lalita lived for many years.
Old house under renovation,
(now is a cultural institution),
more friends and writers were there,
strings rhythms, poetry readings, a coffee break,
then a symbolic book presentation.

Richard Grove, President Canada Cuba Literary Alliance - speaking
Richard Grove, Pres. Canada Cuba Literary Alliance -
Speaking (in white shirt)

Wency Rosales,  Editor of the book
Miriam Estrella Vera Delgado (left)
 Richard Grove, Pres. CCLA (right)

CCLA President, Richard Grove and
CCLA Ambassador Wency Rosales,
who is also the Editor of the book,
said a few words to the audience,
Richard saying -'lo siento, mi espaņol es muy limitado'- popular phrase,
'sorry my Spanish is very limited',
and how proud he was of being there for the
homage and his modest contribution for the publishing
of the book and being able to give a copy to each author and donate a few others to different institutions
in the province.

 Wency read part of the preface, talked a bit about the difficulties in translating
poetry and the invaluable help of CCLA member, honorable writer and reviser
Katharine Beeman. The whole audience wanted to have a copy of the book,
but that was not possible.

The book of Holguin writers is a small bilingual (Spanish English) anthology and
becomes a special gift where 22 authors offer their work, some of them known
among the public, others unknown, but with a general message of love for everyone.

Order your copy of ¨The Sacred Silence of the Valley¨, from Hidden Brook Press,
at or email ,
and you will find yourself on its sacred journey.  

Report thanks to Wency Rosales, Holguin Cuba   *    Photos by Amauris Betancourt, Holguin, Cuba