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  Send our Reading Gallery Editor your CCLA  Reading photographs.

Amateur photographs are welcome. The only requirement is that they need to be CCLA Readings in Canada or Cuba.

Our Reading Gallery Editor is Stella Ducker
You can send your photographs to her at - bcshadow@rogers.com

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Listing of Gallery Readings  & Photos

Photos "Purdy Fest 6 - Photos 2014"
Photos CCLA Readings at Stellar Literary Festival June 24 2012
Photos "Purdy Fest 5 - Photos 2011"
Photos CCLA Readings the Stellar Literary Festival, June 26 2011 (Oshawa)
Photos Reading Group in Holguin,  Cuba January 2011
Photos Readings at The Lalita Curbelo House & Cemetery, in Holguin, Cuba 2010
Photos  Dam River Readings 2010
Photos "Purdy Fest 4 - Photos"
Photos CCLA Art & Lit Fest July 2010 (Cobourg ON)
Photos CCLA Art & Lit Fest August 29 2009  (Holguin Cuba)
Photos  CCLA Art & Lit Fest, August 2nd 2009 (Brighton ON)
Photos  CCLA Readings at the Stellar Literary Festival  June 13-14 2009(Oshawa)
Photos  CCLA Art & Lit Fest August 23 2008 (Brighton ON)
Photos CCLA Art & Lit Fest August 23 2008  (Holguin Cuba)
Photos  "Purdy Fest 2 - Photos"
Photos by  Stella Ducker - CCLA Reading At the Purdy Fest2  2008 



Purdy Fest 6 - Photos 2014


Thank you! Sharon Henderson for the great pics!!!!!

Anyone else have photos they'd like to offer ?    :-)
Any comments you'd like to share?
Feel free to email:   bcshadow@rogers.com




Anyone else have photos they'd like to offer ?    :-)
Feel free to email:   bcshadow@rogers.com

"Purdy Fest 5 - CCLA Group Readings Photos"  2011

Readings at Zen Gardens

Chris Faiers
Pot Luck Dinner,

Pot Luck Dinner
Jim Arwill's evening incantation


Symposium Terry Barker

Symposium Anna Yin & son Jason -

Readings at the

  Marmora dam

Hans Jongman

 Writers & readers relaxing by the river

 Jim Larwill

Morley Ellis

Sue Hutton & her son Kai

Judy Backus

 Ian Hanna

Anna Yin




Canada Cuba Literary Alliance - Readings


 Morgan & Nancy Wade

Anna Plesums

Richard "Tai" Grove

Kim Grove

Graham Ducker

Stella Ducker


Simon De Abreu

Chris Faiers's dog



CCLA Readings
Photos by Stella & Graham Ducker

Jim Christy Newest CCLA Member!

Morgan Wade 2nd Newest Member, Nancy (R) his wife.

First time published poem!

Tai speaking to the group -
more of the group in background

Chris Faiers

Graham Ducker, reading his 'chicken poem' requested by Tai

Anna Plesums

Stella Reading Wency Rosales' from CCLA new publication
 Edited by Wency  'The Sacred Silence of the Valley'






"Purdy Fest 4 - Photos"  2010

These photos were graciously donated by Anna Plesums to the CCLA Fest 4 Photos

YUM!  CAKE!  :-)




Some attendees camp overnight
at the Purdy Fest event!


The Dam River Readings July 2010

Music - always a crowd pleaser  :-) People Arriving & Greeting
Books also available Young Participants
Jeff Seffinga R. D. Roy
Chris Faiers reading Passing the hat - donations to defray cost of the park
Anna Plesums - reading  
  A most pleasant day & time
Allan Briesmaster  


"Purdy Fest 2 - Photos"


These photos were graciously donated to the CCLA Purdy Fest 2 Photos


CCLA Group

CCLA Group

CCLA Group

CCLA Group

CCLA Group

CCLA Group

CCLA Group



R. D. Roy

Debora Panko

Richard Grove, CCLA President

Stella Ducker



Photos by  Stella Ducker

  The Second Annual Purdy Fest 2008 - we did attend the fest, but we had to leave early.
As soon as more photos are received, they will be added right away.
No... it's not a rag - it's a cloth upon which you write a poem! Richard briefing the members  :-)

and now a few directives  :-) Graham Ducker - Reading his Al Purdy poem
another view of Richard with the CCLA   :-)  





Submission Details:

1. For CCLA members only.
2. Send your name, your country, your email with your photographs
3. Send 5 photos maximum.
4. Send your photos by email 
5. Maximum size 6 X 4
6. Maximum dpi - 72
7. Send a 300 word description of your photographs
8. Send a 15 word description for each photograph.

The photography editor
has the right to use or not use
any image because of
content, style, quality of image etc.



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