Federation of Photographers
Federacion de fotógrafos de la CCLA

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Galería de fotografía artística
Fine Art Photography Gallery

We will try to publish two new photographers every few months.
One Cuban and one Canadian.

Send us a couple of your pics and a resume of your
exhibitions so we can consider you as a feature photographer.
The CCLA Federation of Photographers Presidents
Federacion de fotógrafos de la CCLA Presidents

Cuban President – Amauris Betancourt Gómez
Holguin, Cuba

Canadian President – Richard M. Grove
Brighton, Ontario, Canada

The new feature photographers are Juan Miguel Cruz Gómez and Philip Sun
You can find their work by clicking on the gallery number below.

We hope you visit all of the galleries.

Gallery 003
Juan Miguel Cruz Gómez - Cuba
Philip Sun - Canada

Gallery 002

Joan Latchford - Canada
Yolanda Rodríguez Hernández - Cuba

Gallery 001
Richard Grove - Canada
Amauris Betancourt Gómez - Cuba


More to come!
Come back soon!