The 4th Annual
CCLA Art & Lit Fest 2010
Friday, Saturday and Sunday,
July 16, 17 and 18.

Held in Canada and Cuba.
More info coming soon!!!!!

The theme of this year’s event is

“A Reunion of the Literary Family”



Friday Evening, July 16,

Saturday, July 17

Sunday, July 18



Friday , July 16th

Exhibition Opening and Stage Performances

Events held at 66 King Street East (indoors in the banquet hall)

 All activities are free and open to the Public – All Are Welcome.


6:00 pm – Exhibition Opening – Spirit of the Hills artists – Meet and Greet

– come and see some of the finest art in Ontario - Author table displays

6:30 pm to 9pm – Performers – A mix of poetry and music.

- Shane Joseph – Award winning author will read/perform his interview with one of his fictional characters “Samson Arthurs”.

- Jim Larwill - More than a poetry performance by stunning Jim Larwill – Poems and songs from Gypsy Girl

  – performance entitled “Dance Me Blind”.  His performance promises to be transformative and lively.

    Jim will also be performing in the park on Sunday afternoon “Birdman, Stoneman, Incantation”

- Ralph and Ray – 8pm – duo musical performers – mix of Folk/Old Time Country/The Eagles and more.

***Followed by an Open Mic***


Saturday, July 17th

Events held at 66 King Street East (indoors in the banquet hall)

 All activities are free and open to the Public – All Are Welcome.


9:30 am – Meet and Greet and Visit Book Tables – reunite with your literary family – donuts, muffins and coffee provided

10 am to 12 noon – “The Future of Books and Publishing” an on stage interview and panel discussion with

Nancy Bullis as moderator with:          

           Eric Wright – author

          Sarah Sheard - writer

           Book store representative

           Brighton Library representative

           Canadian Author Association rep.

 See CCLA Festival Appendix 1

Noon to 1pm Lunch – visit the beach or local restaurants

1 pm to 2 pm – 2 Feature Readers - Allan Briesmaster and Kent Bowman.

2  to 3 pm – Shane Joseph presentation – “Slide show/ talk / presentation “Using the Internet to Promote the Writer

See CCLA Festival Appendix 2

3 pm to 3:15 pm – Break

3:15 to 4:15 – Vaughn Poetry Circle including:

Rob Colman, Stevens Hans, Debbie Ouellet.

4:15 to 5:00 – John Hamley followed by OPEN MIC – sign up at the event.
John will be reading his Haiku



See below for Description of Participants


 Sunday, July 18th

11am to 4:00 – Art and Lit booths in Victoria Park – Cobourg Water Front Park

 (around the Lion’s Pavilion Across the street from 66 King East)  

All activities are free and open to the Public – All Are Welcome.


Spilling to the Sky Poetry Reading in Victoria Park (Lion’s Pavilion across from 66 King Street East)

– 11am to 1pm Mark Clement MC - CCLA Members Reading and OPEN MIC – sign up with mc at the event.

– 1 pm to 1:45 pm – Lunch – visit the beach or local restaurants

– 1:45 pm to 3:15 pm 3 Feature Readers – Kim Grove MC

Rosemary Sullivan (30 min), author of Cuba: Grace Under Pressure

Jim Larwill (30 min) performing in the park – Feature Reader before open mic “Birdman, Stoneman, Incantation” by Jim Larwill Transformative Works of Shamanistic Performance

John B. Lee (30 min)  – Pre-Publication Launch of Sweet Cuba a CCLA book on Cuban poetry presented by translator John B. Lee.  John will also read from his book of Cuba poems Island on the Wind-Breathed Edge of the Sea

3:15 to 4:00 – OPEN MIC – sign up with mc at the event.        


See below for Description of Participants


Description of Events



CCLA Festival Appendix 1


Saturday Morning Event:

A Panel Discussion with Nancy Bullis – “The Future of Books and Publishing


10 am to 12 noon – “The Future of Books and Publishing” an on stage interview and panel discussion with

Nancy Bullis as moderator with:   Eric Wright – author, Carolyn Forde - Literary Agent, Book store representative,

          library representative, Canadian Author Association rep.


The Future of Books and Publishing moderated by Nancy Bullis, will be a lively panel discussion between a publisher, a literary agent, a book retailer, a librarian and an author. Each panelist, from different corners of the Canadian lit world, will detail what they are looking for in books, authors and the publishing world in general. What are their goals, aims, expectations for the future of the Can Lit world? Where do they think books, bookstores and libraries are heading and how will this direction impact each of their sectors of the lit world? What is happening in the world of Canadian literature that the writers, sellers, borrowers, lenders and buyers of books can anticipate in this era of change?  Are the authors, agents, libraries, bookstores and publishers all in sync or is there clashing of wills?  There will be a Q&A period following the moderated discussion.  If you are a writer or a reader be prepared to learn where you might fit or don’t want to fit in this uncertain world of changing medium.  How is all of this going to affect the reader, the library system, book stores - all the way through the food chain to the book buyer?

Come and hear some opinions. Donna Bright – Chief Librarian & Executive Officer – Ajax Public Library, says, “I do not think the book is dead.  I think e-books will become a greater market share, but I think it will be a very long time until we see the demise of hard copy.”




Description of Participants:


Kent Bowman – Toronto author launching his first book of poetry http://www.hiddenbrookpress.com/Book-KentBowman-OnTheOtherSideOfParadise.html

James Deahl – MC – From Hamilton

Stevens Han is currently poet and literary critic from Korea, and lives in Toronto, Canada. He likes to write Zen poems about immanent mysteries of life in florescent dark, and a salvage archeology for new imagery, imminent to pass away at any creative moments, always strive to catch the Ouroboro dragon’s literary lust eating its own tail.

Shane Joseph is a graduate of the Humber School for Writers. His first novel “Redemption in Paradise” was published in 2004 and his short story collection “Fringe Dwellers” in 2008. His short fiction has appeared in literary journals and anthologies in Canada, the USA, India and Sri Lanka.  For details see www.shanejoseph.com.  His presentation “Using the Internet to Promote the Writer” provides the pros and cons to establishing an online platform of fans and readers.

Jim Larwill is “Jim Larwill is a voice of a hidden and unexposed Canada. His work has come to exemplify a kind of sermonic tone with rhythmic affluence… Larwill frees us from the ties that bind – that of convention. He breathes a new truthful life into what is Canadian literature today. Poetry and oratory converge in Jim Larwill's poetry, never forcing the old distinction between stage or page. It would be specious at best to dub his poetry a tired old trope of the Canadian naturalist school when he is in fact both romping satyr and comic satirist - from hock to hoof, the kind of deft ironist who makes even spring a kind of death. His rhythm is never as staid as it is fluttering, a seismometer of pine, wood, steel rasp, and lupine amour.”

John B. Lee – Award winning Poet Laureate of Brantford with 55 published titles.  Find him at –  http://www.hiddenbrookpress.com/Book-JohnLee-IslandOnthe.html

Debbie Ouellet is the Chair of the Vaughan Poets' Circle. She is widely published and editor of the VPC 2009 anthology Earth to the Moon.

Sarah Sheard – Writer, therapist, blogger - http://blog.sarahsheard.com/

Rosemary Sullivan, author of Cuba: Grace Under Pressure www.rosemarysullivan.com.

Eric E. Wright grew up in the west-end of Toronto, studied forestry at the University of Toronto then transferred to Columbia International University in South Carolina to receive training in overseas ministry. There he met and married Mary Helen, a nurse from SC. Together they served in Pakistan for 16 years where Eric was the co-founder of the Open Theological Seminary, which now serves over 2500 students. While there he wrote five self-teaching textbooks for this extension school. Upon their return to Canada he pastored a church in Toronto for nine years until the passion to write became too strong to deny. From 1991 to the present nine of his books have been published. For the past decade he has edited a quarterly seniors’ magazine, the Fellowship LINK. He has recently released two contemporary suspense novels; The Lightning File set in Northumberland and Toronto and Captives of Minara in which the same cast of characters deal with kidnapping and murder at an archaeological site in Pakistan.


Book and Art Booth Space Available in the Park:

– Sunday, July 18 – Art and Book table space is available in Victoria Park across the street from 66 King Street East.

(Contact coordinator if you have a display other than art and or books. 

Let us know what you have in mind)

Set up tents and displays starting at 9:30 am. Displays must be set up by 10:45.  The public always arrive early so please show up and set up on time.

Bring your own tables, chairs, tents etc for the Sunday outdoor event. 



Space is available on Book Table indoors at 66 King

The indoor events will be held at “Meet at 66 King St. E.” across the street from Victoria park.

– there will be space indoors on book tables for your books on Friday night and Saturday during the day.

Do not bring your own table or chairs for these indoor events.


Canada Cuba Literary Alliance                            


109 Bayshore Road

RR#4, Brighton, Ontario

K0K 1H0



Richard Grove

CCLA President



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