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                        Amauris Betancourt Gómez

                        Richard M. Grove


Photography by Amauris Betancourt Gómez



Biographical Sketch of Amauris Betancourt Gómez
.  ambego@gmail.com

Amauris Betancourt Gómez
was born in 1976 in Calixto García, Holguín, Cuba. He now lives in the city of Holguín which is the capital city of the province of Holguín located on the northeast part of the island, 774 km. from Havana.

He studied English and Literature at the University of Holguín and has worked as an English and German Teacher and as an English-German speaking tour guide, as well as an English interpreter
for some national and international events.

He has also published some of his translations on literature in literary magazines and on literary web pages.

He presently works as a photojournalist for a radio web page and collaborates regularly with provincial and national papers in Cuba.

He was appointed the Cuban president of the CCLA Federation of Photographers in 2006.

Photographic Exhibits:

– Shots at Poetry's Garden. Personal Exhibit (Portraits of painters and poets). April 2000.
– Joint Exhibit: Homage to Press Workers. January 18, 2001. Holguín.
– Joint Exhibit: Portraits of Writers from Holguín. Art Center. Holguín. Sept, 2001.
– XVI Visual Arts City Salon Holguín 2002. Art Center.
– XVIII Visual Arts City Salon Holguín 2004. January 2004. Art Center.
– 3X4 photographs . A Photo Club Joint Exhibit. January, 2004. Art Center, Holguín.
– Photo Club Joint Exhibit. Banes Gallery. Nov. 2003.
– III Photo Salon. Art Center. Holguín 2004.
– IV Photo Salon. Art Center. Holguín 2005. (Mention).
– V Photo Salon. Art Center. Holguín 2006 (Special Mention).


Photographs by Richard M. Grove




All of the above images are from a collection called
"Oxido Rojo" soon to be published in book form
by Hidden Brook Press

Biographical Sketch of Richard M. Grove A.O.C.A.  writers@HiddenBrookPress.com

Richard Grove is known as the man of the 6 Ps - Poet, President, Photographer, Painter, Publisher, Public Speaker.

He was born into an artist family in Hamilton, Ontario, on October 7, 1953.  With both parents artists and art collectors he had a unique and early introduction into the world of visual art.  His first experience with art was with photography when at the age of thirteen he purchased, with his father’s enthusiasm and help, his first single lens reflex camera.  Over the ensuing years, after leaving high school, he studied pottery at Mohawk College, design and pottery at Sheridan College, leading to his graduating in 1984 from the Experimental Arts Department at Ontario College of Art.  In 1994 he graduated with honours from the Humber College, Arts Administration diploma course.  In 2002 he returned to school to study computer related night school courses relating to publishing.

Since graduating from Ontario College of Art, Richard, has exhibited in more than twenty, solo and group exhibitions in Hamilton, Toronto, Boston, Calgary and Grand Prairie. He has his art  in over thirty corporate collections across Canada.  The most prominent of which are Esso Resources, Continental Insurance, Alberta Energy Corporation and Calgary District Hospital Group.  These four companies alone represent a collection of almost thirty pieces of his work. Among the many corporate collections are six commissions of different styles and mediums ranging from pastel on paper to acrylic on canvas. His photography and digital paintings have been on the cove of numerous books.  His book of digital paintings and poetry entitled “Sky Over Presqu’ile” was published in 2003, “Substantiality” a book of digital paintings was published in 2006 with a book of photography “Oxido Rojo” to be released in the fall of 2006.

Along with his visual art Richard has been writing poetry seriously for many years and has had over 100 of his poems published in periodicals and  has been published in over 25 anthologies from around the world.  His first book of poetry titled “Beyond Fear and Anger” was released in 1997. His second book titled “Poems For Jack”was released in 2002 with “A View of Contrasts” looking for a publisher. His book “Sky Over Presqu’ile: Fragments of Time” was released in 2003 with “A Cuba Trip 2006" released in the spring of 2006. He is working on two new collections with “Fictional Family Portraits of Not So Real Family Members” and “A Personal Boyhood History”. You can reach him at writers@hiddenbrookpress.com. He is also the author of numerous books with a metaphysical themes including “The Mind–Body Connection” and “Metaphysical Healing For a Secular Age”.

He is an editor and publisher and runs a growing publishing company called Hidden Brook Press from which he publishes poetry contest anthologies and books of every genre for authors around the world.   Aside from being a published poet Richard has also exhibited his poetry in acrylic on paper paintings as well as in audio sculptures.  For his poetry Richard has won a few prizes and honourable mentions as well as a finalist spot in two contest anthologies.  For his short stories he has won a top ten prize.

Richard is also the founder of the Canadian Poet Registry.  An archival information website that lists Canadian poets including: biographical information, their book titles and awards. One can view this website at - http://www.hiddenbrookpress.com/Registry.htm.  He was an active member of the Canadian Poetry Association for ten years serving on the executive for seven years including five as President.  He is the founding president (2004) of both the CCLA – Canada Cuba Literary Alliance - www.CanadaCubaLiteraryAlliance.org and the CCLA Federation of Photographers.  The CCLA has an international membership and boasts a full colour literary journal called The Ambassador and a literary e-newsletter called The Envoy. He is the founing president of the Brighton Arts Council and the co-founder of the Purdy Country Literary Festival.

Richard has also been a public speaker MCing poetry readings and speaking as Feature Speaker on various topics in Cuba, Germany, USA, New Zealand and Canada.  He was also the Feature Author as publisher/poet in the October 1998 issue of “The Treasure Chest” published out of Virginia, USA and Feature Poet in “Poetry Canada” in 2004.

Richard now lives with his wife Kim in Presqu’ile Provincial Park situated halfway between Toronto and Kingston where he is an active writer, editor and publisher. He is a co-founder of a literary festival “The Purdy Country Literary Festival” that will launch in three southern Ontario locations in August 2007.


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