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Manuel de Jesús Velázquez León

Publishing Opportunities

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A Call for Book Submissions:


SandCrab Books will publishing poetry, short stories and novels in English and/or Spanish for authors around the world. All of the books will have a Canadian ISBN and CIP and will be displayed in the Hidden Brook Distribution catalogue. With the magic of the internet I will have the books printed and shipped from Canada, the USA, or the UK directly to the author or bookstore. Books will be of the highest quality of printing and binding that the market can produce. If you know of anyone interested in publishing, I hope you will direct them to me with any questions. I look forward to hearing about your new book.


Manuel de Jesús Velázquez León




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A Call for Anthology Submissions:


Theme: Spirituality and Nature


Submissions will be accepted on the topic of positive spiritual interactions desplayed by humans and nature.  Your literary work should express why nature is valuable to you, how you relate with nature spiritually. Tell of your mountain top, lake gliding, snow trudging experiences. Let your poetic soul express through metaphor, simile and symbolism the joy and peace that those exchanges yield. In these days of global warming and threatening climate change, this book will act as a calming beacon that shows the value of nature and how it nurtures the soul. Please, interpret this call for submissions in the broadest possible way.


Submission Size:

            - Poetry – maximum number of lines 45, maximum number of characters and spaces per line 50

            - Haiku – maximum 12 haiku

            - Short Stories – maximum 2,000 words

            - Micro Prose – maximum 200 words

            - Essays – maximum 1,500 words

            - Meditations – maximum 1,000 words



            April 15, 2011


Where to send your submission:

            Send your submission to Publisher / Editor – Manuel de Jesús Velázquez León



Please Note:

            1 - Include your name, email address and country in the body of the email.

            2 - Do Not send bios at this time. Your bio will be requested if your work is published.

            3 - Submissions in English only.

            4 – Authors will be offered copies at a 50% discount of the retail price of the book.

            5 – Authors will be offered a 10% commission if they take bookstore order that we fill.



            Authors will retain copyright.



            Authors will receive one complimentary copy if their work is included.


Pass the Word:

            We hope you will pass the word to fellow writers around the world.




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A Call for CCLA Member, Bridges, Submissions:



“Bridges” a CCLA members book series


The CCLA is embarking on a new book series for CCLA members. Each book will have a minimum of two Canadian and two Cuban authors. The series will include poetry and/or micro prose and/or short stories in English and Spanish. There will be no required purchase of books by the authors. All royalties will go to pay for copies of the book given to the Cuban authors in each book.


We are proud to announce our first book will include: Ann Peacock (from Canada), Miriam Estrella Vera Delgado (from Cuba), Graham Ducker (from Canada) and Wency - Wenceslao Alexander Rosales (from Cuba). We are working on the list of authors for our second book. Let us know if you are interested in participating in this series and we will link you up with other authors. If you would like to be linked with someone that is not a member yet, no problem, they can become a member and qualify to be included.


We will launch the books in both Canada and Cuba – there is no requirement for you to travel to Cuba to launch your book though we hope you can join us on a future CCLA trip. Also if you are in the area during any of our CCLA festival readings we would like you to come and read.


We hope you will pass the word to prospective members.




For information on any of these publishing projects contact:


Manuel de Jesús Velázquez León

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