August 29th 2009
CCLA Art & Lit Fest- Holguin Cuba




On August 29, 2009,
the Canada Cuba Literary Alliance

celebrated its Second Literary Festival in Holguín, parallel
to the one held early this month in Canada.
The cultural meeting took place under the auspices of the Villena-Botev Library Cultural Center and thanks to the ingenuity and organizing capacity of Joaquín Osorio.
This CCLA devoted friend helped orchestrate an afternoon
of luxury. A group of leading poets of the city joined the
CCLA delegation— Miriam, Wency, Adonay and Manuel—
to read poetry and to listen to the music of Eliezer Travieso,
the best guitarist in town.
Organizing Committee
(L to R) Manuel, Wency, Miriam & Joaquin Osorio


To begin, Joaquín welcomed the participants and
Manuel read a brief essay on Al Purdy’s life and work,
as well as some poems by the distinguished Canadian poet
(L to R)  Miriam & Adonay
In an important moment of the afternoon, Wency Rosales, CCLA Ambassador in Holguín, launched an oral version his poetry book Sombras de mis sentimientos.


Country Poetry


In the late afternoon Cuban sun


Listening to Poetry & Music
Eliezer Travieso, the best guitarist in town.
A Canadian Poet
One of the Cuban Poets
New Generation Poet
Miriam reads
Rhymed Verse
Passion Poetry
Sophisticated Decima Composer
Youth Poet

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